HygiTec – Food – hygiene and technology for food!

We offer you a new technology for your thawing of frozen goods such as fish or meat. Our process is energetically, time, high quality, high hygienic microbial safety of process and product. Innovative thawing of frozen foods. Through Sensor controlled use of cold aerosols and others an accelerated heat transfer generated so that a thaw process can be terminated prematurely. By means of aerosol , the structure and the natural color of the fresh food is preserved.



  • Innovative unfreeze technology

  • Thawing of frozen fish or meat new style

  • Technology from TMT Cuxhaven


Novel antimicrobial based aerosol technology (Bio – Control), for an accelerated and hygienically safe thawing of frozen foods . With the HygiTec – thawing begins a new era for the thawing of frozen foods.